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Welcome to Salzburg

Being located at the very centre of Middle Europe, Salzburg is often considered as the city in the heart of the European content. Despite being a relatively small country, Austria is especially blessed with its breathtaking landscape, its amazingly extensive cultural background and its lovely up-to-now lasting traditions. Salzburg is at the centre of it all: It is in the middle of Austria, as well as in the middle of Europe which leaves the city with historically grown importance as a point of trade and culture.

Despite being best known for the Baroque period and the respective cultural highlights that have motivated so many to visit the beautiful city on the Salzach river, the region of Salzburg is also a wonderful place to learn more about the stone age, the Celts and the long history of salt mining. The highlights regarding the history of Salzburg include such ringing names as the birth place of the famous composer genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a building that can still be visited today, the Salzburg Fortress, which offers a magnificent view of the city, the pompous trick fountains of Hellbrunn, a Sound of Music tour and a multitude of internationally reknown museums, only to name a few of the places worth visiting and things worth doing during your stay in the city.

Apart from its rich history and an elaborate ongoing cultural scene, the region is blessed with a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. Situated next to the impressive Untersberg and several other imposing mountains, hiking is one of the most celebrated leisure time activities in Salzburg. Due to so many different hills and mountain ranges which dominate the scenery of the region, everyone will be able to find a tour suitable for his/her respective fitness level and will be rewarded with a unforgettable experience of the Austrian nature.

In addition, Salzburg offers the perfect starting point for exploring its immediate surroundings, such as Upper Austria’s famous lake region as well as the southern part of Bavaria.

For further information please visit Salzburg.info in order to plan your perfect trip or ask our front desk staff, who will gladly help you enjoy your stay to the fullest!

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